Automatic Bag Cutting Machine

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Automatic Bag Cutting Machine

This automatic bag cutting machine offers cutting speed between 30pcs per minute and 60 pcs per minute. The maximum fabric roll material width can be 800mm and the max. fabric material weight can be 200kg.

Technical Specifications of the Automatic Bag Cutting Machine

Type Max. width of fabric roll (mm) Weight of fabric roll (kg) Thermal cutting power (kw) Motor power (kw) Cutting speed (pcs/min) Installation dimension (L×W×H) (mm) Weight (kg) Remark
SQJ Ⅱ-800 800 ≤ 200 3 2.2, 0.75 30-60 6000 ×2000 ×1500 600 Heat-
SQJ Ⅲ-800 800 ≤ 200 / 2.2, 0.75 30-60 6000 ×2000 ×1500 600 Cold-

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