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This kind of mesh bag circular loom can use plastic monofilament and tape yarn as warp while tape yarn as weft to weave mesh bags. After cutting and sewing, the mesh bags produced by our circular loom can be made into package bags for vegetable and fruits.

Mesh Bag Circular Loom Mesh Bag Circular Loom

Main Technical Parameters of the Mesh Bag Circular Loom

Type Number of shuttle Weaving width (10-24 warps/100mm) (mm) Max. number of warp yarn Main motor speed (r/min) Motor power (kw) Production capacity (10-24 wefts/100 mm) (m/h) Installation Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) Weight (kg)
S-WYJ- 4/750G 4 300-750 512 50-115 2.7 60-180 7500 ×2400 ×2730 1900

The technical specifications of our mesh bag circular loom are subject to change without prior notice.

Yanfeng is a specialized mesh bag circular loom manufacturer based in China. We not only provide circular loom, but also offer plastic extrusion machine, printing machine, plastic film winding machine, bag cutting machine, and others.

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