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Flat Yarn Extrusion Line

Model: YF-SPL series

The flat yarn extrusion line is designed and developed on the base of acquiring and making improvement on the up-to-date technologies at home and abroad. It adopts advanced electrical, digital-simulation control technologies, such as computer controlled variable frequency speed control technology, so as to make sure the performance of the flat yarn extrusion line is up to related international standard.

Our flat yarn extrusion line has high production efficiency and offers fine quality end products. According to customers' demands, the flat yarn extrusion line can be additionally equipped with belt type screen filter changer to meet specific requirement, and meanwhile, the flat yarn extrusion machine can be manufactured with a fibrillator for producing flat yarn for making flexible packaging bags and fibrillating bag sewing thread, etc.

This flat yarn extrusion line is equipped with two types of heating mechanism for customers to choose from that are hot-blast stretching oven and electric heating plate.

Main Technical Parameters of the Flat Yarn Extrusion Line

Type Max. extrusion capacity Screw diameter Length/diameter ratio of the screw Rotational speed of screw Die lip length Max. linear speed Flat yarn denier scope
YF-SPL-80/33/800 200kg /h 80mm 33:1 20-120r/min 800mm 280m /min 60-200tex
YF-SPL-90/33/1000 280kg /h 90mm 33:1 20-120r/min 1000mm 280m /min 60-200tex
YF-SPL-110/30/1200 380kg /h 110mm 30:1 20-120r/min 1200mm 280m /min 60-200tex
YF-SPL-120/30/1500 500kg /h 120mm 30:1 20-120r/min 1500mm 280m /min 60-200tex
YF-SPL-135/30/2000 630kg /h 135mm 30:1 20-100r/min 2000mm 280m /min 60-200tex
Type Extension ratio Number of winder (spindles) Dimension of Bobbin (D × L) (mm) System installed power Standard consumption power Installing dimensions (L × W × H) Weight (kg)
YF-SPL-80/33/800 4-10 136 ★ 38 × 230 ★ 240kw 120kw 29000 × 3600 × 3200 21000
YF-SPL-90/33/1000 4-10 176 ★ 38 × 230 ★ 290kw 160kw 32000 × 3600 × 3200 26000
YF-SPL-110/30/1200 4-10 208 ★ 38 × 230 ★ 320kw 170kw 34000 × 3800 × 3200 30000
YF-SPL-120/30/1500 4-10 256 ★ 38 × 230 ★ 380kw 210kw 37000 × 3800 × 3200 32000
YF-SPL-135/30/2000 4-10 344 ★ 38 × 230 ★ 450kw 250kw 45000 × 3800 × 3200 40000

★ The number of spindles is customizable.
★ The specifications of bobbins can be made in accordance with the customers' requirements. Above technical specifications regarding to our flat yarn extrusion line are subject to change without prior notice.

Our flat yarn extrusion line has found applications in producing PP, HDPE and LLDPE flat yarn.

As a specialized flat yarn extrusion line manufacturer in China, at Yanfeng we also provide plastic film winding machine, offset printing machine, little cam circular loom, bag making printing machine, and others.

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