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Offset Printing Machine

The offset printing machine is used for printing letters, figures and trademarks on plastic woven bags with two- or three-color printing method. This offset printing machine comes with automatic counting and color registration system micro-adjustment functions. With a photoelectric control system, the printing equipment operates automatically.

Technical Specifications of the Offset Printing Machine

Type Max. printing material width (mm) Max. printing width (mm) Max. printing length (mm) Thickness of the rubber relief printing plate (mm) Diameter of printing roller (mm ) Printing capacity (pcs/h) Printing colors Motor power (kw) Installation dimension (L×W×H) (mm) Weight (kg)
S-YFY- 800 ⅡB 800 660 1200 4 480 1000-2000 2 1.5 2700 ×1400 ×1300 1500
S-YFY- 800 ⅢB 800 660 1200 4 480 1000-2000 3 2.2 3400 ×1400 ×1300 2000
S-YFY- 1300 ⅢB 1300 1100 1800 4 600 500-1000 3 4 4500 ×2000 ×1500 2500

Note: Upon request, we can produce three to six-color offset printing machines which can finish double-side printing at one step.

As a primary offset printing machine manufacturer in China, at Yanfeng we also supply bag making printing machine, plastic flat film extrusion machine, OPP/CPP laminating machine, hydraulic baling press, and more.

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