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Flexo Printing Machine

Our flexo printing machine is designed with a light sensitive resin printing plate or a rubber printing plate. It is ideal for printing of woven fabric, non-woven fabric, PE and PP plastic film, cellophane, roll paper, and more packaging materials. Hence, the flexo printing machine is commonly used in production lines for manufacturing woven bags, non-woven bags, food package bags, supermarket vest bags, garment bags, and more.

Performance Advantages and Characteristics of the Flexo Printing Machine
1. The flexo printing equipment is convenient for operation, and offers soft start and accurate color registration.
2. This flexo printing machine is manufactured with a meter counter. So, it allows users to preset the printing length. When printing length reaches preset value, the printer will automatically stop working. When there is material shortage, the printer will also stop working.
3. Printing cylinder can be either manually or automatically elevated. After the printing cylinder is lifted, the printing machine will automatically stir the printing ink to prevent ink drying.
4. Anilox roller is utilized to ensure uniform and even ink transmission. So the flexo printing machine offers fine printing quality.
5. The flexo printing machine has a reliable drying system and offers high speed operation. It turns off the power supply once it stops working.
6. This printer has a longitudinal register device that is 360 degrees adjustable.
7. With a variable frequency motor for speed control, the flexo printing equipment can meet customers' varied printing speed demands.
8. Touch Control Button and Stop Button are both available on the printing machine's roller base and material rewinding unit, which ensures convenient equipment control while installing the printing plates.

Main Technical Parameters of the Flexo Printing Machine

Type Max. diameter of roll material (mm) Max. width of printing material (mm) Max. printing width (mm) Printing length (mm) Max. printing colors Printing speed (m/min) Total power (kw) Weight (kg) Installation Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)
YF-RY2800 1200 800 700 230-1200 2 5-50 10 2500 4000 × 1800 × 2200
YF-RY4800 1200 800 700 230-1200 4 5-50 12 3500 6000 × 1800 × 2400
YF-RY6800 1200 800 700 230-1200 6 5-50 15 4500 6000 × 1800 × 2400

The technical specifications of our flexo printing machine are subject to change without prior notice!

We are a specialized flexo printing machine manufacturer based in China. In addition, we offer offset printing machine, plastic film winding machine, four shuttle circular loom, plastic recycling granulator, and much more.

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