PE Film Extrusion Machine

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PE Film Extrusion Machine

The PE film extrusion machine uses LDPE and HDPE as raw material for making PE film rolls. After heating, extrusion, blowing, drawing and rewinding, the LDPE and HDPE materials are made into plastic film rolls. Through cutting and sealing, the plastic film in roll can be made into food packaging bags, plastic shopping bags, liner of woven bags, and more. Through single side or double side cutting, the plastic film made by our PE film extrusion machine is also ideal for use as mulch film, agricultural film, and more.

Main Technical Parameters of the PE Film Extrusion Machine

Type Diameter of screw (mm) Length/diameter ratio of the screw Screw rotational speed (r/min) Power of main motor (kw) Heating power (kw) Production capacity (kg/h) Max. film width (mm) Film thickness (mm) Installation Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) Weight (kg)
SJ-FM55/800 55 28:1 15-90 15 13 15-40 800 0 .00 6-0 .05 4000×2600×3600 2600
SJ-FM65/1000 65 28:1 15-80 18.5 18 20-55 1000 0.006-0.05 4300×2600×3900 3500

We are a specialized PE film extrusion machine manufacturer in China. At Yanfeng we also provide plastic recycling granulator, gravure printing machine, plastic flat film extrusion machine, and four shuttle circular loom, among others.

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