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Plastic Crusher

Our plastic crusher is designed to crush the waste plastic material generated during plastic woven bag production process. The crushed plastic materials can be delivered to plastic film extrusion machines for plastic film production again.

Technical Specifications of the Plastic Crusher

Type Crushing capacity (kg/h) Width of blade (mm) Motor power (kw) Weight (kg) Installation dimension (L ×W ×H) (mm)
YFP-300 100 300 7.5 400 1050 ×800 ×1370
YFP-500 200 250 ×2 11 600 1300 ×1100 ×1600

Note: Technical parameters regarding to our plastic crushers are subject to change without prior notice!

As a specialized plastic crusher manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also provides flat yarn extrusion line, offset printing machine, plastic recycling granulator, plastic film winding machine, and more.

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