Film Sealing Cutting Machine

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Film Sealing Cutting Machine

This film sealing cutting machine is a combination of a plastic film cutting machine and a plastic film sealing machine. It is designed to cut off color-printed or plain plastic film in rolls, and then seal the plastic film into bags. Our film sealing cutting machine can finish material feeding, counting, bottom-sealing, and cutting functions at one stroke.

Main Technical Parameters of the Film Sealing Cutting Machine

Type Bag width (mm) Bag length (mm) Speed of bag making (pcs/min) Total power (kw) Control mode Installation dimension (L×W×H) (mm) Weight (kg)
YF-DZ600A ≤ 600 ≤ 800 40-120 2.5 Computer controlled 2650 ×120 0 ×1350 700
YF-DZ700A ≤ 700 ≤ 1000 30-100 3.2 Computer controlled 2650 ×140 0 ×1350 820

Note: Above technical specifications regarding to our film sealing cutting machines are subject to change without prior notice!

Yanfeng is a China film sealing cutting machine manufacturer and supplier. In addition, we also offer high speed plastic recycling granulator, offset printing machine, bag cutting machine, flat yarn extrusion line, and more.

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