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Reverse Laminating Machine

The reverse laminating machine gets the tubular fabric with liner heated, thus laminating the liner and fabric together. With good moisture proof function, the laminated fabric can be conveniently piled, and is ideal material for making packaging bags for fertilizer, chemical materials, animal feed and sugar, etc.

Functions of the Reverse Laminating Machine
1. Our reverse laminating machine is PLC controlled and has touch screen operation system, automatic temperature and speed control system, malfunction alarming function, etc. With these functions, the lamination machine is convenient and safe for operation.
2. In addition to automatic temperature and speed control, the reverse laminating machine also comes with manual adjustment on heating temperature and lamination speed, so as to make sure the fabric and the liner are fed synchronously and laminated smoothly.
3. The reverse laminating machine is manufactured with a pneumatic frictional rewinding unit driven by a torque motor. This ensures smooth laminated fabric rewinding and allows us to get flat and even fabric roll.

Main Technical Parameters of the Reverse Laminating Machine

Type Bag width (mm) Max. diameter of fabric roll (mm) Max. lamination speed (m/min) Heating power (kw) Total power (kw) Installation Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) Gross weight (kg)
YF-NM F/650 350-650 1200 50 36 10 2200 ×1700 ×3100 10000
YF-NM F/750 450-750 1200 50 48 14 2200 ×1700 ×3100 12000

Technical parameters of the reverse lamination machine are subject to change without prior notice!

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