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Bag Cutting Sewing Machine

Functions and Advantages of the Bag Cutting Sewing Machine
1. The bag cutting sewing machine automatically accomplishes the heat cutting and bottom hemming at fixed length for color-printed or plain woven cloth roll, which saves much labor forces.
2. It adopts a touch screen for parameter presetting, a PLC control system, and a servo motor driving system to control bag length precisely.
3. The mouth of bag is easy to open and won't stick together after heat cutting.
4. With automatic counting function, the bag cutting sewing machine can deliver finished bags in batches, making end product packaging simple and convenient.
5. With pneumatic roll material feeding system, the bag cutting sewing machine is convenient to operate.

Main Technical Parameters of the Bag Cutting Sewing Machine

Max. diameter of roll material (mm) 1200mm Max. cutting width (mm) 800mm
Cutting length (mm) 600-1200mm Cutting precision tolerance (mm) ≤ 4mm
Folding width (mm) 20-30mm Production capacity (pcs/min) 20-40pcs/min
Total power (kw) 6kw Weight (kg) Approx. 2200kgs
Overall size (L×W×H) (mm) 5100×4500×1200mm

The printing cylinder diameter can be enlarged according to customers' requirements.
The technical parameters of our bag cutting sewing machines are subject to change without prior notice!

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