Hydraulic Baling Press

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Hydraulic Baling Press

This hydraulic baling press is used to press woven bags and mesh bags into solid and tight bundles, thus making the bags convenient for storage and transportation.

Technical Specifications of the Hydraulic Baling Press

Model Working pressure (Mpa) Motor power (kw) Height of baled bags (mm) Installation dimension (L ×W ×H) (mm) Weight (kg) Baling method
DBJ-850 5-6 3 900 1240×760×1700 250 Electric and hydraulic
KS-850 6-8 2.2 900 2000×930×2600 1000 Hydraulic
KS-1100 13-15 7.5 1100 2200×930×2300 1500 Hydraulic
KS-1900 18-20 15 1900 2800×2200×4200 5000 Hydraulic

Yanfeng is a China hydraulic baling press manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as four shuttle circular loom, flat yarn extrusion line, offset printing machine, and bag sewing machine.

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