Four Shuttle Circular Loom

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Four Shuttle Circular Loom

This four shuttle circular loom is characterized by low noise and low energy consumption, and it comes without slider bars or sliding blocks. Following are details.

Features of the Four Shuttle Circular Loom
1. The circular loom is designed with small cam type convex table and a roller wheel transmission system for its swing-arm. This ensures smooth and stable operation.
2. Without sliding blocks and bars, the four shuttle circular loom comes with less wearing parts as compared with traditional circular weaving machines. Roller wheel transmission system also requires no lubrication, making equipment maintenance convenient and simple.
3. Designed with variable frequency speed control system, the circular loom comes with easy speed adjustment.
4. The loom will automatically stop working when there are circumstances such as warp yarn breaking, weft yarn breaking and weft yarn shortage, etc.
5. This is a environmental friendly circular loom with operation noise no more than 80dB(A).
6. The shuttle loom can be used to weave low intensity tape yarn manufactured using 100% regenerated plastic.
7. The maximum speed of the main motor is up to 180r/min, and the motor power is between 1.5kw and 2.2kw.
8. The four shuttle circular loom is a patented product with patent number of ZL200820166333.1.

Main Technical Parameters of the Four Shuttle Circular Loom

Type Number of shuttle Weaving width (mm) Max. number of warp yarn Main motor speed (r/min) Production capacity (when the yarn width is 2.5mm) (m/min) Main motor power (kW) Total power (kW) Weight (kg) Installation dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)
YF-XT-750/4E 4 350-750 640/768 140-180 1.4-1.8 1.5/2.2 2/2.7 1800 8300 × 2200 × 2730
YF-XT-750/4F 4 350-750 576/672 140-180 1.4-1.8 1.5 2 1750 8300 × 2200 × 2730
YF-XT-1400/4 4 700-1400 1040 80-120 0.8-1.2 3 3.5 2500 9800 × 2710 × 2960

Above technical specifications regarding to our four shuttle circular loom are subject to change without prior notice!

We are a major four shuttle circular loom manufacturer based in China. Apart from circular loom, our company also provides printing machine, laminating machine, plastic extrusion machine, bag cutting machine, and more.

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